Departments of Peniel Cathedral

Apart from the other departments in the Church, there are the naturally occurring Departments – The Men’s Fellowship, known as The Glorious Men’s Fellowship, The Women’s Fellowship known as Abigail Women’s Fellowship, and the Young People’s department, also known as the Abundant Youths of Valor.

The Glorious Men’s Fellowship:

The men have always formed the pillar wherever they happen to fine themselves. The problem we have in the society today is that men have abdicated this role, leaving a pillar-less and a collapsed structure in society. In the Abundant Life Faith Centre International, men are taught and built up to become who they were meant to be – strong pillars of support in the Church, in their homes, and in society.

Abigail Women's Fellowship:

After God had created everything, including man, He realized that something was lacking. What was that? A befitting crown. So He created the woman, to be the crown of all His creation, an help meet for the man, and the beauty of creation. After centuries of spiritual, emotional and physical battering, the woman has been bent out of shape. She no longer corresponds to what God intended for her to be. But Jesus came to restore all things. At the Abundant Life Faith Centre International, this work of restoration is being perfected. The woman is being restored, that she might become once again the crown of all creation, and the expensive jewel of the world.

Abundant Youths of Valor:

In Psalm 127:5, speaking of our children, the word of God says, “…they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” This is the calling of our youths, to stand upfront and confront the enemy before they come too close. At the Abundant Life Faith Centre International, our goal is to raise a crop of God-fearing energetic young people that will act as the vanguard of the army that the Lord is building here.

Other Departments :

  • The Protocol department in charge of keeping the temple gates and maintaining order during services.
  • The communication department that takes care of the coverage of events, public relations, projection and others;
  • The Sounds of Abundance: This is the senior choir of the Ministry. They minister every Sunday and it is the uniform organ of the church. They organise outreach programmes such as “GIVE HIM PRAISE” that is organised quarterly. Membership is open to all genuine children of God with the call to sing for God’s glory.
  • The Voice of Abundance is the junior choir. They minister every Sunday and also constitute part of the uniform organ of the ministry.

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