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Seventeen years ago in 1998, Bishop Angela Acha-Morfaw started the Abundant Life Faith Chapel with less than ten people in the sitting room of her house. Less than a year later, attendance had outgrown the facilities, so they had to move to a much larger hall in Elig Essono Yaoundé. It was from there that she embarked on the prestigious project of Peniel, the massive Church auditorium & Headquarters of the Abundant Life Faith Chapel International. The Church has since moved into this wonderful building which can conveniently seat two thousand five hundred worshippers. This structure which is an architectural masterpiece, has endeared her to many of her fellow Pentecostal ministers who at first resented her, perhaps out of jealousy, but certainly because most could not understand that God could raise and use a female minister. Peniel remains a testimony of the tenacity, focus, commitment, and desire for excellence of Bishop Angela.

Apart from the radio and television ministries of the Church, Abundant Life Faith Chapel also hosts the very popular live program tagged “Night of Wonders” which comes up twice every year in May and December. The purpose of this program is to gather God’s people to one place where they can seek the face of God on behalf of the country, and also call down the glory and power of God for the success of individual believers, for the salvation of the lost, and for the healing and restoration of all worshippers. The powerful worship and anointed ministration of Bishop Angela Acha-Morfaw continues to attract hundreds of worshippers to Peniel Sunday after Sunday, and many have testified of astounding miracles of healing, salvation, the touch of God in the services.

The building which stands on a foundation that can take ten floors, has provisions for audio and video studios, and also transmitters, for her Radio and Television ministries. She also plans to set up a printing press to take care of her literature ministry, known as “Sounds of Abundance”.

Plans are already afoot to start the educational aspect of the ministry, a school of excellence that will run from kindergarten through university, and is called Abundant Life Academy. The Church which remains one of the fastest growing Pentecostal churches in Cameroon continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and is celebrating her tenth anniversary this year.

The Abundant Life Faith Ministries International is the planting of the Lord in Cameroon and through the world. The imposing Peniel Chapel, which is the Church arm of the ministry in Yaoundé, stands as a powerful beacon, to draw men and women unto the Lord, not only from Yaoundé and the entire country of Cameroon, but also from throughout the world. Already many are coming around for revival and refreshing and restoration. The vision and commitment of Angela, and the manifestation of the anointing of God upon her life are enough evidence that Peniel remains the centre of excellence for the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to this nation, and also to the whole world.

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